Grateful4Her is a celebration, a movement and on a mission.

Grateful4Her is a thank you note to women everywhere

We are a movement earthed in gratitude about the ways, achievements and impact of people who identify as women. A way to share her story and show your gratitude for her impact. A way to create our collective appreciation for the powerful influence of women across the world.

Grateful4Her is a movement earthed in gratitude

#Grateful4Her is a celebration of women who are transforming communities, their work, and the world. Women who inspire possibility in being who they are: Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, peers, colleagues and even strangers.

#Grateful4Her is a movement in sharing gratitude and appreciation for women who are standing for others and themselves every day, often during times of adversity and who impact change for a more human and loving world.

#Grateful4Her is on a mission to change how the world considers, treats and talks about women and to inspire possibility in how women of all generations see their way of being in the world.

Who are you grateful for?

Think of a woman who inspires you; supports you, or in some way has stood for you. Who is she and why are you Grateful4Her? We want to hear her story and we want you to share it.

To share your Grateful4Her tribute message:
1. Record a video message through the Grateful4Her Tribute Page
2. Share a story about a woman you are grateful for on your social media and add the hashtag #Grateful4Her.

#Grateful4Her | Who are you grateful for?