Grateful4Her is on a mission to inspire gratitude in how the world considers women.

Being grateful

What does being grateful mean to you? We explore what it means to be grateful with our friends and community. They share that being grateful means to them being appreciative and thankful for the world around you; being compassionate for others. That being grateful is a social glue that when made visible bonds us, can heal us and our relationships; As well as provide a way to build loving sustainable communities. Being grateful is like breathing; a daily practice.

#Grateful4Her | Who are you grateful for?

Being grateful for others

What is is important we be grateful for others? We explore this with our community and they share about the importance of people in our lives, that we can’t do anything without others. Our purpose in this world is a social purpose, a way of being embedded in togetherness.

Our community shares how gratitude can make someone feel important, valued, alive. How it can inspire others and empower them to be the best that they can be and to work at abundance. Being grateful for others can heal us, others and our communities, and by being grateful for others we can also connect more deeply and heal ourselves. Being grateful for others is what Grateful4Her is earthed in; a deep appreciation for women in our world.

#Grateful4Her | Who are you grateful for?

Being grateful for women

Why is it important we be grateful for women? Women are 50% of the earth’s population yet continue to experience less than 50% representation in many areas of society. Women live in a deficit model of existence. In this video our community explores why it is important we be grateful for women.

We share about the uniqueness, value, and impact of women, be it in families, schools or the workplace. How they give birth to life, and nurture the living. How women are quick to adapt to change, support new ideas and empower others. That it is important for all in society to share our gratitude for women for who they are, the impact they have and the love and gratitude they share.

#Grateful4Her | Who are you grateful for?