I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality. ~ Frida Kahlo

Celebrating female artists and artists or arts organizations that were founded by, honor, and engage audiences in female stories is something Grateful4Her pride ourselves on. And we draw these artists from the local community and social networks. At the official launch of Grateful4Her in Chicago, IL we invited 11 artists to share their work with our community.

Kathryn Norregaard

Indie-folk musician
Kathryn Norregaard

Dame Libby Komaiko

Center for spanish dance and music chicago
Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater

Tamale Sepp

Rockstar comedian and interdisciplinary artist
Tamale Rocks

Lynn and Sarah

One of the largest feminist bookstores in the country
Women and Children First

Delia Jean

Artist and illustrator
Delia Jean

Peter Gaona

Dancer, teacher and bow tie maker
Reformed School

Silvana Favaretto

Empowering beauty and femininity
The Tulle Project

Ari Krzyzek

Creative Women's Co.

Valerie Gaddis-Arellano

Artist and designer
VGA Design

Revae Schneider

Chicago based interactive mixology company
Femme du Coupe

Julieta Flores

Cake Designer
Tastie Treats Jules

Kim and Barbara

Legendary Chicago art gallery
Mars Gallery